Wellness is our option.

We choose to feel well, in sickness and in health.

We choose how to feel well.

To encourage wellness as a way of life, we make health research simple.

Welcome to WellnessOptions

We believe in empowering people with the knowledge to make informed health decisions, and to sustain a wellness lifestyle. We source and curate medically researched information on the full spectrum of medical disciplines and health aspects – then we make it comprehensible in everyday language.

It is with a great sense of appreciation that we re-launched WellnessOptions in 2017.

Our special thanks go to all those who have never stopped believing in WellnessOptions. Without the support of our subscribers, our advertisers and well-wishers, WellnessOptions would not have come this far. Encouraged by their strong support and after years of soul-searching and restructuring, we are back.

Lots have changed, but more remained the same…

WellnessOptions is still independent, organized and operated by the same core team of editorial and creative professionals. Providing credible health and medical research information that is well explained, we continue to promote health knowledge, encourage informed choices, and support actions that lead to total, optimal wellness as a way of life.

Content mandate

Health research made simple while embracing different wellness aspects and health disciplines.

Editorial platforms & focuses

Our platforms now include

  • Website - research news categorized under health aspects important to optimal wellness
  • Online theme issues - topic-specific mini issues
  • Theme specific journal collection - topic-specific journals, digital and/or print

Our focuses are

  • Body -human physiology, health & disease, treatment & maintenance
  • Gut health -digestive & bowel health, hydration, gut microbial balance
  • Nutrition -diet & nutrition, food science & safety
  • Sleep -sleep maintenance & strategy, circadian rhythm & health
  • Exercise -physical activity, sport wellness, exercise physiology, wearable science
  • Brain -brain & emotional fitness, psychological & behavioral wellness
  • Environment -physical & psycho-social factors & epigenetics in health & disease
  • Columns -discussions, analysis, views & perspectives
  • Technology -health research advances are included in related sections

The Way to Wellness

Health is not a given. It must be sustained through daily actions. We need clear direction and reliable information to achieve this. But where do we find it?

The media is abound with health information. We’re bombarded with it in advertising. Scientific findings are widely published, but they are difficult to understand. With so many voices and opinions available, how do we decide what’s best for ourselves and our family?

We need a trusted partner in our journey towards wellness. Where information is researched, referenced, and easy to understand. Where conflicting views with scientific evidence are presented and explained. Where information leads to knowledge and action.

WellnessOptions is a trusted source of news and information on health.

We believe in empowering people with the knowledge to make informed health decisions, and to sustain a wellness lifestyle. We source and curate medically researched information on the full spectrum of medical disciplines and health aspects – then we make it comprehensible in everyday language.

Over the last decade, we have founded an authoritative knowledge base, and earned a reputation for integrity by:

  • Explaining scientifically referenced health knowledge.
  • Encompassing a wide spectrum of health aspects including physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, environmental, social, ergonomic, spiritual, and more.
  • Integrating evidence-based knowledge from multiple disciplines including western, natural, oriental, psychological, physiological, and more.
  • Addressing wellness practices and treatment options.
  • Being relevant to everyone.

Our Network

We work closely with an international network of advisors, researchers, and authors. Among them are distinguished scientists, educators, medical professionals and health practitioners.

The scope of our research is global and transcends language barriers.

Our demonstrated impact extends to the general public, the medical professionals, and policy makers.

We are uniquely positioned to facilitate exchange of health and medical knowledge across cultures and disciplines.

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General Impact

A series of first-breaking, exclusive articles in our issue #19 on Genes initiated public out-cry and media hype that included a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Changes in government regulations followed, and a vastly improved new-born baby screening program was implemented. Thousands of babies’ lives have been saved as a result, and more are saved every day.

A sold-out Canadian best-seller entitled The WellnessOptions Guide to Health authored by Lillian Chan, co-founder and Editor of WellnessOptions, was commissioned and published by Penguin Books Canada.

Issue #40, a special edition of WellnessOptions, was commissioned by the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) as their 2010 official wellness magazine and distributed to all Canadian medical students. WellnessOptions was also commissioned to create and launch the CFMS official wellness website.

The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology purchased a special subscription of WellnessOptions, which included issues #25 on Digestive Health and #26 on Bowel Health, for every Gastro-Intestinal specialist across Canada.

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Personal Impact

A resident doctor, Sacha, 29, works extreme hours in a hospital emergency ward. With no time to sleep or exercise, he is emotionally and spiritually exhausted from the nature of his work. WellnessOptions publications provide emotional fitness and stress management strategies that help him sleep better and live a more balanced lifestyle. (References: Special Medical Student Edition of WellnessOptions issue #40, MedStudentWellness, p20-26; p34)

James, 60, suffers from high blood pressure and cholesterol. WellnessOptions publications help him make informed decisions about western and oriental treatment options. He becomes an active participant in his own wellness by implementing anger management strategies and joining a fitness club. (References: WellnessOptions issue #10 on Heart Health p28-29; issue #21 on Stroke & Fat Facts p31; issue #30 on Exercise p26-27)

Nancy, a 45 year old office worker, experiences back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. After reading articles in WellnessOptions on ergonomics, she asked her doctor for a referral to an orthopedic doctor, who recommends a new task chair and prescription insoles. She also purchases a fitted wristband, and visits both a physiotherapist and an acupuncturist for her condition. (References: WellnessOptions issue #1 p48-49; issue #15 on Joint Health p 32; issue #23 on Work & Health p30-33)