Sara Badiei

Sara Badiei

Sara Badiei holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Universities of Toronto and University of British Columbia. She is currently completing a second Masters in Civil/Environmental Engineering, with a specialization on Infrastructures in Emergencies, from Loughborough University. She is also a fellow at the University of Toronto’s Munk Fellowship in Global Journalism.

In 2016, Sara was awarded the UBC Applied Science Dean’s Medal as well as the Outstanding Young Alumnus Achievement Award for her commitment and contribution to the wellbeing of the international community.

For the past 10 years she has followed her passions and dreams working with the World Bank, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and various energy companies in Canada and the United States. As a humanitarian engineer, she has coordinated complex emergency relief efforts in conflict zones including Gaza and Afghanistan, launched rehabilitation programs after natural disasters in Southeast Asia, and led emergency medical missions for disease outbreaks in Africa.

As an energy specialist, she has worked on power market redesign, energy regulation and deregulation, renewable energy portfolio standards, Cap & Trade programs, power trading and grid optimization. In her current role at the World Bank, Sara works with national ministries of energy in developing countries to lay the foundation for long term energy policy and institutional reform plans.

Sara is a humanitarian engineering expert, a Middle-East energy specialist, and a public speaker and writer on the benefits of aligning your day-to-day work with your inner values, passions and life goals.

As a wellness advocate, Sara writes about the fears and triumphs of paving our own unique path, the synergies that come from inner alignment with our goals and values, and the impact to the world when we have the courage to write our own story.