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Signs of too much screen time

Signs of too much screen time


How much is too much screen time?

When screen use causes problems in other areas of life or when it has become an all-consuming activity, a study points out.

Researchers of this study at the University of Michigan, USA, emphasized that the consequences of screen media use are more important than quantifying the problem with the number of hours spent in front of the screen.

They provide a list of screen media addiction signs:

  • Loss of control – hard to stop using screen media
  • Loss of interest – screen media becomes the only interest that motivates
  • Preoccupation – screen media is all that comes to mind
  • Psychosocial consequences – screen media use interferes with family activates
  • Serious problems due to use – screen media use causes problems for the family
  • Withdrawal – Frustration results when not able to use screen media
  • Tolerance – screen time keeps increasing
  • Deception – Sneaks to use screen media
  • Escape – screen media becomes the only comfort after having a bad day

The study was published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture


Domoff S, et al (2017) Development and validation of the problematic media use measure: A parent report measure of screen media 'addiction' in children. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, published online November 16, 2017

doi: 10.1037/ppm0000163

University of Michigan website:

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